Our Team


Peter Horton - President

Peter Horton was drawn into crypto by the shitposting and stayed for the alpha. He’s a senior studying Economics, Computer Science, and Latin. Peter is writing a research paper on DAOs for an independent study at BC.

Noah Glover - Vice President

Noah Glover is an anonymous crypto twitter celeb and trader who is a proud member of MonkeDAO. Get on crypto Twitter and come to our meetings and maybe you’ll be able to figure out who he is!

Ryan Bennet - Treasurer

Ryan Bennett is a junior at Boston College, studying Finance and Computer Science. He has an interest in how blockchain technology can be used for supply chain management and sustainable business practices. He is also interested in learning more about how Web 3.0 will disrupt the current business models of tech giants like Facebook.

Hailey Wilcox - Digital Investment Strategy

Hailey Wilcox is a junior at the Carroll School of Management and she is double majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship. This past summer, she interned at Seven Seven Six, a firm founded by Alexis Ohanian, where she worked on cryptocurrency and NFT-focused startups. Hailey is also a member of the Varsity Women’s Tennis team.

Andy Clark - Technology and Development

Andy Clark is a junior at Boston College, studying Computer Science. He has been involved with blockchain technology since 2016 and has launched his own ERC-20 token in addition to developing several web applications, including this website. Andy is passionate about DeFi and is an advocate for crypto online and on-campus. If you’d like to know more, you can visit his website.

Xiangan He - Technology and Community Outreach

Our Analysts

(From left-to-right)

Jack McCarthy '24, Tim Malloy '24, Lucas Streckenbach '23

Nina Narayan '22 Kristian Lamarre '24