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How is introducing millions of users into the crypto markets with their lucrative marketing campaigns is a centralized exchange that offers its users easy access to trading, investing, staking, wallets, and NFTs. The company launched the CRO coin in June of 2019 to be the native token of their chain. The company’s public blockchain protocol was built to support a wide variety of projects and also help develop the acceptance of using crypto as a form of payment.

Tungsten Cube

Tungsten is a rare metal found naturally in the earth. It is one of the densest elements on earth at around 19.35 g/cm^3, more dense than gold and mercury, but how did that lead to it becoming one of the most sought after goods in the crypto community?

Maple Finance

What? Maple provides capital to institutional borrowers through fixed income yield opportunities on the blockchain. They are working to redefine capital markets through digital assets by providing their users with the ability to earn interest and giving institutions the ability to borrow funds in a seamless manner.


Digital payments are forecasted to reach almost $8 trillion in 2022, generating a need for improvement in digital identity management and the security market, both of which are fundamental to facilitating secure transactions. Current typical identity verification systems remain vulnerable to breaches of supposedly secured information.


Avalanche Summary  Avalanche was founded by Dr. Emin Gün Sirer, a former professor of computer science and networking systems at Cornell University, along with an experienced team from institutional finance, private markets, and technology.

Necc - The latest in ponzinomics experiments

Every day, wake up, drink coffee, brush teeth, necc. That is the mantra of Necc, a new protocol on Aurora that defines itself as a “decentralized interest bearing inverse perpetual swap protocol.” If that sounds like a medley of various existing DeFi protocols, well it is.

State Of Ethereum Layer 2s

As Ethereum network activity continues to trend higher, the network is becoming increasingly overwhelmed with transaction volume. Due to the rising demand for transactions combined with the limited number of state updates (for the sake of simplicity, we can think of this as changes to account balances on chain) that can be made in a given time span, the fees necessary to interact with the Ethereum base layer have become prohibitively expensive for many users.

BC Blockchain

Welcome to BC Blockchain’s new website. We’re excited to bring you all plenty of conferences, workshops, and activities throughout the year. We look forward to expanding the club’s reach and designing a new era of blockchain at BC. We’re expanding rapidly, and are currently looking for students who are interested in being analysts.